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"I loved my work experience placement so much, and it has made me want to come back to UHCW and get a bit more experience.
The staff were really welcoming and had enough time to answer all my questions. "

Melanie Alton,
Emergency Department

Are you looking for a Career in the NHS in Coventry / Warwickshire?

Then take a look at what the NHS in Coventry and Warwickshire can offer you. As one of the largest employers in the region, we are able to offer a wide range of career choices, as well as Apprenticeship and Work Experience schemes.

The NHS also offers Apprenticeships to people aged 16-24. Apprenticeships are offered in Business Administration, ICT and Health & Social Care. Please go to the National Apprenticeship Service or NHS Jobs website for current vacancies and to apply. Apprenticeships offer an exciting, dynamic way of gaining skills and qualifications, whilst also working and earning a wage.

Work Experience programmes are available to anyone from the age of 14 who has ambitions to work in the NHS, and who lives in the Coventry or Warwickshire areas. Work experience is a fantastic way of learning more about the hundreds of job roles in the NHS, and gives students the chance to experience the world of work through structured programmes, shadowing staff at work and engaging in tasks which are appropriate for them to undertake. Work experience programmes are available in both clinical and non-clinical departments, and range from half-a-day to 5 days duration.

The NHS has over 300 career choices, both clinical and non-clinical, for people of all ages and skills. The NHS Careers website provides information on all of these careers, including information on entry level qualifications, job role, career opportunities etc.

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