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Posted by Lyn   on 22 January 10, 16:16

Are there any nursing apprenticeships available? I would really like to train as a midwife but I dont know if you have to train as a nurse first and do an apprenticeship or go to uni. Id like to go straight to training as a midwife but am interested in the apprenticeships to give me a start.

Jennifer Horganon 22 February 10, 11:41

We are currently running Health and Social care Apprenticeships, that can possibly lead to Nurse Training. However if you would like to go straight into Nurse Training you will need to contact Coventry University.

Enyaon 27 April 10, 20:43

How wood i get a apprenticeship for nursing?

Gueston 12 May 10, 11:06

Currently, all our Health & Social Care apprenticeships vacancies are filled. However, we may be recruiting again in August. It is best to keep checking the website, or UHCW's own webstite: to check when these posts are advertised. In the meantime, depending on your age and experience, you could possibly apply for a post as a Healthcare Support Worker. These are Band 2 posts, and are advertised on and on NHS Careers website. Good luck! If you need any further information, please let us know.

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