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Posted by Guest   on 22 January 10, 14:34

Does anyone know about work experience in physiotherapy? I am really interested in studying to be a physiotherapist when I leave school, and wondered whether anyone had done any work experience at the hospital.

Jennifer Horganon 22 January 10, 16:30

Dear Guest,

My name is Jennifer Horgan, I work with Marilyn Chadwick and we currently sort out work experience placements. To obtain some work experience with us, please e-mail your details including: Name,DOB,Dates you are available,what your currently doing (work/college) what you would like to do in the future, your desired department (in your case Physiotherapy)to [email protected] Once i have recieved these details i will then forward you an Application form, and a pre Health Questionnaire. These both need to be filled in and returned to us at Learning and Development (address is on form) We will then try to accommodate your request, in most circumstances this is indeed possible. Thank you for you enquiry and i'm looking forward to getting your request shortly.

Kind Regards


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